Every Tuesday on the blog I post out a new podcast by myself and my good friend Nathanael Gillett. They are around 15 minutes in length, bounce off from a Bible verse, and hopefully give a bit of help to your walk with Jesus.

soundcloud0We are hosted on Sound Cloud.  Our page is https://soundcloud.com/gillettbrimspodcast

ApplePodcastingLogoYou can also find us on Itunes.  We’re in the Podcast section, Religion and Spirituality, search for “Gillett” or “Brims” and you’ll find us.

Previous episodes can be found on the Soundcloud page, the Itunes page, or here:

Episode One – Introduction to the Podcast

Episode Two – Church, hospitality and driving questions

Episode Three – Prayer

Episode Four – Pushing the gospel down into everyday life

Episode Five – The life of Joseph (Part 1)

Episode Six – The life of Joseph (Part 2)

Episode Seven – The Bible

Episode Eight – Healthy Rhythms for Life

Episode Nine – Preaching (Part 1)

Episode Ten – Preaching (Part 2)

Episode Eleven – Singing in Church

Episode Twelve – The EU Referendum

Episode Thirteen – The Parable of the Sower

Episode Fourteen – Money

Episode Fifteen – Small Groups Pt 1

Episode Sixteen – Small Groups Pt 2

Episode Seventeen – Evangelism

Episode Eighteen – Jesus calms the storm

Episode Nineteen – Jesus forgives and heals a man

Episode Twenty – Can I trust the New Testament? (With Alex Fry)

Episode Twenty One – How do we interpret the Bible? (With Alex Fry)

Episode Twenty Two – The Olympics

Episode Twenty Three – Post Festival ‘come down’

Episode Twenty Four – Technology

Episode Twenty Five – Interview with Mark Edwards

Episode Twenty Six – Bible Translation

Episode Twenty Seven – Doubt

Episode Twenty Eight – Mark 1

Episode Twenty Nine – Wide Spectrum

Episode Thirty – Transitions

Episode Thirty One – Suffering

Episode Thirty Two – Sin

Episode Thirty Three – Interview with Mark Tomlinson

Episode Thirty Four – Interview with Nick Taylor

Episode Thirty Five – One to Ones

Episode Thirty Six – The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Discipleship

Episode Thirty Seven – Interview with Sam Hailes

Episode Thirty Eight – Teach Me to Pray

For any enquiries about the podcast email podcast@natgillett.co.uk