Gillett & Brims Podcast 05

Gillett and Brims podcast_05

The life of Joseph in this one – the trouble with being the hot young thing, and where is God in the midst of betrayal?  Enjoy!

Key verse we look to – Genesis 50:20, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

Question of the episode – How do you helpfully handle a hot young thing?

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Face Like Flint

Jesus didn’t dawdle in the general direction of Damascus, or saunter round Samaria.  He set his face towards Jerusalem.

He stubbornly marched into territory others considered their own.  He unrepentantly continued proclaiming there an incendiary message that made those in power so angry it repeatedly provoked them to arrange his execution.  He followed through not by inciting an uprising, but by taking the scorn, the stigma, the spit on his face and the spear in his side to unflinchingly demonstrate the agape of the Father towards his enemies.

This is what love looks like.

A resolute commitment to lay down our lives for the good of others, in the face of rejection, reproach and revulsion.

Love is incredibly hard-headed.

It demonstrates this determination not through domination or violence, but by continued self-giving service through suffering.

Chisel, chisel.  The Lord is working on you, making you a loving person… with a face like flint.



Dancing & Diligence

Two ways to interact with the Scriptures:

See it as part of your dance with the Lord.  I woke suddenly at 5:02, and felt I should read Psalm 50:2 and it brought life to me.  My dad says, “I read Joshua this morning, remember, don’t move to the left or the right”.  My daily Bible reading plan has something incredibly relevant to my situation.  The lady on the bus reads her child the Joseph story that I’d been studying.  The preacher pounds on my conscience as he opens up that scripture.  This is part of how the Lord interacts with us.  There’s a sense of his presence when we sing, a feeling of wonder at the sunrise, something shifts as we’re prayed for, a door opens when we knock, a dream warns us of trouble ahead and his word is interacting with our lives, beckoning us to continue the dance.  Don’t despise this.  Be increasingly open to this.

Also, day after day, year after year, the decades mount up, and we consistently chip away at gaining a more adequate understanding of the way of the Lord.  We get to grips with these books.  We get our bearings on the narrative, the history, the authors and the times.  We dive deep occasionally, chewing down to the marrow to get this goodness into us.  We abhor intellectual pride, but we cultivate our hunger to handle this life giving text well for the benefit of others and our own souls.  We inconvenience ourselves to get in front of good teachers opening this book up. We plod through an entry level commentary or two.  We take notes.  We take it seriously over the long haul.  Don’t neglect this.  Keep pursuing this.

Unction and understanding.  Anointing and analysis.  The dirt and the clouds.  Keep going for both.

004 – Don’t Hide!

Shadowing me? You will find yourself shining. It’s who you are now. Bright on the inside, bringing light to the outside. It would be easier to cover up London or Paris or New York than do away with God’s revolution. So resist the temptation to hide – even when the darkness is pushing back. The good stuff you’re doing enables other people to see what is really going on. They see the benefits of this new system you’re under. And when they see this reality they start not only recognising how good God’s leadership is – but actually crediting him for it.

Matthew 5:14-16 as part of the SAS Project


For those connected to Jesus and growing in Him it’s going to increasingly look like this:

A sacrificial laying down of their own desires in order to benefit and serve others;

Doing this happily and with humour, anchored by a profound depth of peace.

Continuing to live like this over the long haul in the face of suffering and severe setbacks. Consistently acting for the good of others;

Constantly holding on to hope, leaning on Gods faithfulness and trusting for his breakthrough;

Interacting gently with those around them.

Unswervingly, consistently, and reliably laying down their lives for the blessing of others. 

Don’t know about you but I’ve got a heck of a long way to go. 

As ever, the application is not ‘socks rolled up’ but ‘roots dug down’. 

Today again, the call rings out, ‘Time to abide

Galatians 5:22-23

The Wrestle

Two questions you’ll naturally be drawn to churn over yet again today:

How will we be satisfied?

How will we be seen?

It’s the inward ‘what will make us happy?’, and the outward ‘what will everybody think?’

Left unchecked, our lives are driven by these angsts.  They shove us away from the present. Pushing us into both managing the narrative of the past (that threatens how we’re seen) and focusing on the carrots in the future (which promise to satisfy).

Jesus gives his followers a very clear, simple and direct instruction about this ongoing mental treadmill:

“Stop running on it.”

Replace it with another search.

The Kingdom of God.

How will it be served?  How will it be seen?

Amazingly, there’s not just a Kingdom, but also a Father.  A father who’ll feed you, and frame you, as you follow this greater pursuit.

So, today. Right now, this moment.  Where’s the Kingdom of God?

Start running.


Matthew 6:25-34

Don’t lose that which cannot be stolen

That which we cling on to so desperately – relationships, reputation, health, children, job, accommodation, fun, success, money, legacy, even the very beating of our heart – is, in reality, beyond the strength of our arms to hold.  Though not immune from our influence, they ultimately lie outside our control. No one can honestly guarantee them for you through even today.

We do though have some things that no one can steal from us.  Things no flood can wash away, no terrorist destroy, no war rip apart, no government restrict.  Your dreams, your generosity of spirit, your integrity, your walk with your God.  No enemy can rob you of these things.  No circumstance can force them from us.  Only we can lose them, misplace them or foolishly exchange them. Ours to cherish or despise, to cultivate or corrupt. They are firmly within our grasp.

So sure continue to water your plants, work hard, enjoy life, give your heart fully to those that you love, but do heed the message of the prophets that continues to sound:

“Don’t lose that which cannot be stolen.”

“What good is it to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?  What can you give in exchange for your soul?”

And if you fear that your “unstealable” has already been lost, left to one side for too long, or deemed ruined beyond repair – if you have breath in your lungs then it’s not too late.  There is a guy I know, Jewish, carpenter by trade.  He specialises in difficult restorations.  He works, and he whispers:

“Have a look!  I make all things new.”

Praying unexplainable peace, gritty hope, genuine love and ridiculous joy for everyone I know today.