Nothing the Matter Here

Fantastic new house on sale round the corner from my parent’s place.


And is there a more emphatic way to declare, “we’ve got it together” than a magnificent new abode?

Yet, it doesn’t matter who moves in.  None of them will be able to honestly hang out the sign,

“Nothing the matter here”



Would You Ever Say to Someone,

“Get behind me Satan!  You’re a stumbling block to Jesus, you don’t have in mind the things of God, just human concerns”?

It wasn’t his common practice, but it was somewhere Jesus was prepared to go when the situation required it.

He was willing to risk his entire relationship with one of his few good friends, for the sake of his friend’s growth.

Disciple, your call is to help disciple others.  A question to chew over occasionally –

“Am I more concerned with that person’s opinion of me, than I am with helping them grow?”

Matthew 16:23


There are ‘reasons’

why we suffer.

The Bible gives plenty (evil, our sin, the devil, the broken world that we live in, our lack of faith, that the glory of God might be displayed…)  It’s no bad thing to be abreast of these.

It’s just important to remember that the job of assigning this particular reason, to that particular person’s, particular case of suffering… is way above our pay grade.

So again, today, disciple: show up and shut up, weep with those who weep, and jump in and serve in the midst of unanswered questions.


Those in the aftermath of an awful event…

Need our presence and prayer, ahead of our preach.

Friendship and food ahead of a theory.

A home group ahead of a homily.

Our weeping, over our wishing or wondering.

Disciple, you really can play a part today in Jesus’ magnificent work of binding up the broken hearted today.

(But you might not be able to do that and look clever at the same time)

Dive in and serve in the midst of the unanswered questions.


Perhaps the book written first, it wrestles with the question, ‘why am I suffering?’

It sheds light on the spiritual backdrop that we operate in front of, though that raises as many questions as it does answers.

Pastorally, it demonstrates that the best way to respond to your friend’s suffering is to show up… Then shut up.

There are ‘reasons’ we’re suffering – but it’s impossible for us to apportion these properly in this life, and even if we could, it wouldn’t provide the salve we seek.

The ‘answer’ is an encounter. There is the Lord, his might is not diminished, his love will not relent. When our eyes see Him, our souls will be satisfied even as we carry the story of our suffering.

Making sense of it is overrated, if our Saviour’s in the midst of it. This is not a new path.

Praying today for eyes to see.

Keep Issuing Invitations

The church I’ve jumped in with has some fun ‘early days’ stories.

My favourite may be this one:  Around three years ago as they were seeking to launch the church they littered Croydon with 10,000 flyers for a “Come and See” Event at a local function room.

Not a single person showed who wasn’t on the team.

Tom couldn’t face his own parents as he returned home to relieve them of their babysitting duties.  Too embarrassing, having quit his job and moved his family to embark on this ‘adventure’.

At times the Kingdom of God is like a party that no one shows for.

But they had a trickle of people the next few nights…

It grew from there, and now, 3 short years later, must be one of the fastest growing churches in South London.

At times the Kingdom of God is like a party you can only get into by breaking through the roof.

Keep issuing the invites.