The Snapshot is Not the Story

In his mid-20’s Joseph was a victim of people trafficking, languishing in a foreign jail having been betrayed by his brothers.

In his 30’s (perhaps) David was racked with guilt having bedded another man’s wife and then arranging for the killing of her husband.

In his 40’s Moses was stranded on the backside of a desert, herding goats, on the run from a murder he’d committed.

The examples could multiply.

You are not defined by your present circumstances.

We’re being defined by how we handle our hearts in the midst of those circumstances.

And the great news is… even if we’ve blown it on the heart front, there is this guy that won’t give up on us, and he specialises in hearts.


Pressing Play

After a year’s pause I’m going to be pressing play and posting content on this blog again from tomorrow.

play button


Realise things (including email addresses) could have changed in the years(!) since you subscribed – so i’ll be having a prune.  This will be the last post you get sent if you do nothing.  If you want to receive the new stuff let me know – comment, email or resign up tomorrow.

Let’s see what happens!