Unintended Consequences Cover 2

Brimming Over 1.0 was written between September 2010 and December 2012. The best of which was gathered in the ebook Unintended Consequences.

Unintended Consequences has been downloaded by hundreds of readers and is still available here, (with the caveat that I greatly sympathise with the quote, “If you’re not embarrassed by your first version, you’ve launched too late”).

It’s absolutely free. No suggested donation, no email registration, nada, zip, diddly squat.

Simply click on the blue writing below, wait a few seconds, and there you have it. If you then want to save it on to your computer – do a right click on the book and save as, and it is all yours…

Take some time and be stirred!

Full Colour PDF Version – CLICK HERE – Unintended Consequences

The black and white version – which you can print off.  Unintended Consequences – Print Version.



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