Maybe it’s a new season for you… new job, new place, new course, new family situation…

With everything going on, the urgent has drowned out the important, and it’s been survival mode.

That’s ok.

Going forward, sooner than feels possible, begin to re-implement the habits of life that served you well in the previous season.  It might mean a new place for your bible reading, a different time for your exercise, a change of frequency in meeting that person, a completely new group to gang up with. That’s ok.

Life will pressure you to ‘get through’ the new season. Disciple, He calls us to do the difficult work of re-implementing life giving habits that will mean you bear fruit in season and out over the long haul.

What you left undone yesterday is unchangeable. But you can go hard in the right direction right now.

Yep, the circumstances have all changed. Yep, grace-compelled-life-giving-habits will still bear good fruit.



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