Out of Season

Disciple, the scriptures and experience are clear – there are times in your life that are in season – the sun is shining, the wind is at your back and the work of your hands is prospering. There are also ‘out of season’ times – difficult, dreary, seemingly determined to frustrate you. These fluctuations aren’t linked to your faithfulness – they just happen.

The application is counter intuitive though.  The call is to live our days in such a way that we continue to bear fruit ‘out of season’.  We continue to do the stuff on the rainy days. We’re diligent with our disciplines through the drizzle. We carry on going the extra miles when the fruit seems far from sure.

Like trees planted by the river. Rooted, ready, nourished… and fruitful.

Set your habits people. Whichever way the wind is blowing – keep doing the stuff.


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