Love the Lord Your God

With all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

The goal is total transformation, from the inside out.

Daily, you can work from the outside in.

Strength – wake up, breathe, open your eyes, do something physical, get your body moving as you’re able.

Mind – Then engage your mind with something true and beautiful and reasonable. The scriptures are the disciple’s milk, meat, mirror and meditation.

Soul – As your heart beats and your mind races more often than not your soul will be stirred.  Direct this towards the Lord.  Command it even – ‘bless the Lord, oh my soul’.

Heart – As your stirred soul is before the Lord you petition Him again and again – ‘incline my heart to love your ways’.  You make sure your heart is committed to the Lord and the guard is set.

Day in, day out, decade in, decade out. The disciple embraces the daily discipline of doing what’s within their power to love the Lord with all they’ve got, and invites Him to do the parts they can’t.


2 thoughts on “Love the Lord Your God”

  1. Thanks Brims. Love the turn of phrase “the Scriptures are the disciple’s milk, meat, mirror and meditation”. Mind if I reuse in future?


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