Where do you place him?

In the same category as SpiderMan?  A fictional character, loved by millions, with some nice catch phrases and clever tricks – nudge nudge, wink wink.

Or like Robin Hood?  A legend with some basis in history… an outlaw with a band of merry men whose legend has grown with each new telling.

Or could the plain history category be more appropriate?  Like Julius Caesar, who though exceptional, really did live and die and affect the world we actually live in through his actions that, though debated and open to differing interpretations, really did take place.

The claim is that he came, grew up in a town you can still visit today, performed miracles on the shore of a lake you can still swim in today, died on a hill outside a city still contested today, and rose again – appearing to eye witnesses who went on to shed real blood rather than recant their testimony.

Disciple, it happened.

Disciple, it really is happening.


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