The Friday Night Five-a-Side Football Fellas

with all their frustration and fuel… wouldn’t it be great if they came to Jesus?

The Saturday afternoon shoppers, with heavy bags and restless hearts, wouldn’t it be amazing if they saw the Saviour?

The legalistic older brothers, dutifully attending on a Sunday morning – how fantastic would it be if they experienced grace?

The Monday morning mercenaries, marching towards the money – how marvellous if they discovered the treasure hidden in the field?

The tuesday afternoon toddler parents – if they touched the one whose yoke is easy and burden is light?

The wednesday worriers, cackling and complaining together in the coffee shop – could someone gossip the gospel to them?

The thursday nighters in the pub, with their booze and their banter – could they meet the One who turned water into the wine?

The fields are white for harvest.


And be prepared…

disciple, you’ll probably get thrown in.


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