Caring Enough to Feedback

Making a passing attempt at a spring clean – came across the old paper in the photo below.

It was given to me when I was 16 years old, after a youth group talk I’d given, by the guy who discipled me.

Because I was 16, this seemed perfectly normal to me.  A couple of decades on I realise it was like he was giving me winning lottery numbers, having paid for them with one of his kidneys…

A guy with a family of his own, all the stresses and strains of leading a several hundred strong church, took time out to not only come and hear a teenager speak, but then meet up with him afterwards and give detailed feedback.

Ridiculous.  Except maybe if you’ve given yourself to discipling people. If you believe that involves delegating authority to leaders, who then give it away even further.  If you cultivate a culture where people are given missions that are currently beyond their capabilities.  And you care enough about the people, and want them to grow so much, that you’d hate to leave them grasping in the dark.  Then maybe it makes sense.

If you’ve given yourself to this ‘as you’re going, make disciples’ thing – then training people, deploying them and then giving feedback is part of your walk.

It might not immediately tickle you; but for the people you give it to – their gratitude might stretch on into decades to come.




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