Concrete Expressions of Grace

“Concrete expressions of grace” would not be a bad translation of what is normally translated ‘spiritual gifts’ in 1 Corinthians 12 et al.

Yesterday the speaker at my church interrupted his message to say, “There’s people here with a pain at the top of the left hip, caused perhaps by a growth / cyst of some sort in that area” He pointed to exactly the area on his own body.

Three people responded at the time, and a fourth later said it described exactly a condition they were suffering from, in a crowd of maybe 120 or so.

All were prayed for, and testified to a sense of, “God knows me.”

Stuff like this happens all the time.

His grace is continually being poured out, upon grace.

Sometimes this is expressed really concretely in a ‘secret’ revealed, a new prayer language learnt, or incidents of healings in our midst.

The Kingdom of God has been brought close enough to grab at.  Disciple, it’s available to you today.

Could you reach for it today?


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