Quadrant Two

quadrant two

I’ve found the above paradigm consistently helpful over a number of years.

Four different boxes that demand our attention:

  1. Urgent, important. Medical crises. Pressing problems. The talk you’re about to give in 5 minutes.
  2. Not urgent, important. Sleep, exercise, meals with people, sabbath, reading.
  3. Not important, urgent. Most of the stuff from notifications on your phone.
  4. Not important, not urgent.  Escapism.

Quadrant One obviously has to be attended to and acted upon.

But the real magic happens as we consistently, over time, pour ourselves into Quadrant Two again and again.

So many of the practices that are significantly helpful in our walk of discipleship are squarely in Quadrant Two.  Sabbath, study, building significant relationships, confession, prayer… the list goes on and on.

Disciple, you’ve got some Quadrant Two activity lined up for today haven’t you?

Struggling for time? Well, the only place to get it for Quadrant Two is to steal it from Quadrants Three and Four.  It’s putting legs on, “redeem the time”.  Go for it today!


H/T Stephen Covey


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