Most of the positive and really significant actions that we take on this walk of discipleship won’t provoke an immediate round of applause, deluge of social media likes, or slaps on the back from those around us.

We love the finish line selfie. Fair enough. But the real value is added on the cold February training run that you really weren’t up for, but did anyway. The one that only your training partner saw, and nobody else would have missed if you hadn’t done it.

rain running

Have a think through the MOT this weekend if you’ve not had a chance to yet.  9/10 of the adjustments you’ll conclude you want to make will likely fall into the ‘important, but not urgent’ category – sleep, exercise, reading, prayer, study, writing a thank you card, exercising your gift etc.  Double down on one of those. It may seem to make no visible difference in the short term, but you’ll be pleased about it come the home straight.

The selfies can wait. Shoot for significance again today.


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