Expect it. The Master had it – in many places and from many people. He was explicit with his followers – “expect the same”.  If any town does not welcome you…

Honour it. Walk away, or let them walk away. Jesus let so so many walk away. The Father of the prodigal son watched and waited but did not send a search party. Jesus let the rich young ruler make the wrong decision, without pleading, without begging. We honour people’s choices.

Move on from it.  Don’t be crippled by someone’s ‘no’, or ‘not now’. There could be a thousand reasons for it, and you may never get to the bottom of it even if you set up camp there. Shake the dust from your feet. Don’t carry it with you.

Consider the alternative – being surprised by the inevitable, trying and failing to coerce people, and never moving forward. This isn’t walking in love.

But to handle rejection well it does really help to know in the core of your being that you are welcomed, not rejected, by the Father in heaven. Pray that you’d know that today disciple – then see how you can invite a shedload of people to get involved in the close-enough-to-grab-Kingdom. Let’s go – there’s a world to reach.


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