Feeling Spiritually Dry

Is a common experience amongst disciples. It doesn’t rob your walk of legitimacy, or signify God’s abandonment of you. It’s just part of this grubby orange life under the sun  – occasionally you just ain’t feeling it.

A few R’s well worth ticking off before you quit your job, move to a revival centre, or abandon the pursuit all together…

Rest. It could be that just maybe the Spirit hasn’t departed from you – you’re just knackered. I’d put money on you feeling closer to God tomorrow, if you went to sleep an hour earlier tonight.

Retreat.  Maybe this dryness is an invitation,”come away with me for a while”.  This could be as simple as a 30 minute walk around the local park – “Lord, refresh me, walk with me.”  Distraction is often what’s denting us.

Resource.  When’s the last time something nourished you?  A good book. A stirring song. A real talk.  Taking in something terrific could well tip the balance for you.

Remember.  Sit down with a cuppa and literally start listing out things, people, events that you’re grateful for. Better than drugs this.

Repent.  Is there a little warning light flashing anywhere?  Is the dryness an invitation to get right with that person; put something before the Lord, or rejig priorities?

Rejoice.  There were a few feeling flat in Philippi when that verse was first read weren’t there?  It still applied to them didn’t it?  It probably did them good if they followed through on it, didn’t it?

Maybe there’s one out there who’s done all those twice, and nothing’s shifting.  But for the ninety nine of us – these are worth a bash… or even a promotion to regular, ongoing, go-to strategies. The Kingdom of God is at hand today – put yourself in a position to grab at it.




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