Full of Grace and Truth

These characteristics are not in opposition to one another.

Jesus didn’t walk out a perfect compromise between the two – or hold them in some kind of balance…  He was full to the brim with both – and this was no problem for Him.

Grace is true! It’s absolutely true that you are looked upon with the most wonderful, unmerited favour by your Father in heaven, and that this was expressed so poignantly by His Son giving his life as a ransom for many!

And truth is graceful! Sure, at times it stings, or occasionally even comes across as rude, but it loves you enough to maintain the possibility of an ongoing relationship by dealing only in the actual reality of what it going on.  It’s never so uncaring as to dismiss you with a fiction.

The more grace you’re filled with, the more truthful you’ll become.  And the further you dive into the truth, the deeper you’ll be swimming in grace.

Dive deep today disciple, dive deep.


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