One Year of Posting Daily


Yesterday marked a full year of posting on this blog every single day.

From trying to persuade prostitutes in East Croydon, to the odd podcast with my pal, a sprinkling of parables, a lot of ponderings, the SAS project, a few pictures, picking up passed out Venezuelans, and plenty on how the Prince of Peace picks up the pieces – everyday I’ve hit publish.

If you’re following along – THANK YOU for your attention and your encouragement. I hope it’s been helpful for you.

No plans on stopping. So, if there’s anyone you know this could be of help to – do give them a nudge to sign up for emails in the box on the side bar.

Other ways in include –Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

See you tomorrow.

Big love,



Image credit – Austin Kleon, Show Your Work


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