Keep Your Gift in the Game

In the downs of life one of the first things we can put to one side is our gift(s).

Too much pressure, too little time. Am I really up to this anyway? Who wants to receive from me if I’m in a bad place? Maybe I haven’t really got a gift anyway… No one will notice if I don’t bring it. I’ll just have a break for a bit, and come back out after a time of refreshing.


If we’re crippled by the down times then we’ll never get back up.  A decade will drip by, and the promise of perfect conditions will remain undelivered.

Of course is tiredness is part of the issue then rest can help… but the call on the dark days remains –

Love God, love your neighbour.

How do you love your neighbour?  Many ways, but one of the primary ones is – bringing your gift to the table where they eat (whether you’re feeling great about it or not).

Operating in your gift brings an element of refreshment to you; blesses others; affirms you in your walk; encourages,comforts and strengthens all involved.  This is true from admin to evangelism.  What the Lord’s put in your hand – put it to work, on the good days and the bad.

We’ve all got all the excuses we could want to down tools, draw back, cease serving, lay low. Self care is important, rhythms of rest essential – but leaving your gift on the side… where’s the blessing in that for you or for others?

Keep your gift in the game.


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