“You give them something to eat.”

One step along the path of discipleship is being instructed to do something that is seemingly way beyond your current capacity and resource. Impossibly so.

Heal the sick. Love your enemy. Sell all you have. Cast out a demon. Turn the other cheek. Feed 5,000. Walk on water.

Once you’ve come and seen, and given it a hearing, it moves on into – do the impossible.

Of course you can’t do it.

Apart from Him you can’t do anything.

The impossible imperatives are designed to drive you to a strength of connection that you would never throw yourself into if you always remain sure on the shore.

They push you beyond your abilities, and on into His.

And on the other side you’ll sometimes be disheartened with your suspicions confirmed – “that was never going to work”.

But occasionally you’ll find yourself filling twelve baskets with leftovers, shaking your head and wondering, ‘did that really just happen?!’

If it’s not beyond you, it probably isn’t transforming you.

You give them something to eat.



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