You are here.

The church I’ve jumped in with is very upfront about what lense we view the bible through.  We have the fancy theological term: inaugurated eschatology; the movement slogan: now and not yet (Vineyard); and a day to day meme: grubby orange.

It’s the language we speak, and it’s helpful vocabulary because it’s also the life that we live.

We’re expectant for miracles – there is gold to be had.  We’re unsurprised by disasters – the waters are dark red sometimes.

We’re delighted that the Kingdom of God is now – close enough to be grabbed!  We’re hungry for the Kingdom to come – we’re not kidding ourselves that we’re in heaven yet.

The King has come, we welcome Him and honour his rule.  The battle still rages – so we take the knocks and the blows.

People can be honest about their frustrations, their fights and their failures AND we can push on into being transformed and making an impact.

We don’t do escapism – you have to keep it real, but nor do we fully accept the status quo – there’s a resurrected King about, after all.

You are here.

In between resurrection and return, with all that that entails.

Live accordingly.


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