You’ll be healed…

In one of four ways:

a) your body will mend itself. Remarkably, those white cells, or some other self-healing mechanism will charge for it, and you’ll be healed. How incredible to have been given a self healing body.

b) an intervention from the medical profession will sort you out. A surgery will be successful, or a plaster will help, or the medicine will work. Thank God for this.

c) the last trumpet will sound and all will be made new – including your body. No more crying, no more sickness, just gloriously fully functioning resurrection bodies. Though it’s a wait away, this will happen.

d) ‘inaugurated eschatology’ sometimes means that the reign of c), through Jesus, breaks into this age and you receive a healing. Somebody will lay a hand on you, anoint you with oil or speak to you in His name and what is popularly called a miracle occurs in amongst the mess and pain of this grubby orange age.  Giving us a token, and stoking our yearning for what’s on its way.

Healing will come… in this age, or at the start of the next.

So Lord let your Kingdom come and your will be done today we pray.


H/T The Life You Never Expected


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