The Discipleship Toolbox


Unnecessary boat trips. Meals with questionable characters. Preaching. The post preach debrief. Long walks. Working through relational conflict. Rebuke. Watching miracles. Performing miracles. Failing to perform miracles. Parables. Prophecy. Parties. After parties. Short term mission trips. A common purse. Mixing with their family and friends. Being hungry, tired and irritable with each other. Coping with massive ministry success.  Retreats. Delegating authority. The list goes on and on…

The master disciple maker had a multitude of tools in his box and utilized a large number of them over that 3 year period with Pete, James, John and the boys. The same trick, day after day, it was not. Ofcourse it was transformational for those involved – how could it not have been?

For those you have influence over… might a different tool help?

And for you yourself, could mixing it up somehow be helpful for you?

There are a number of tools in the box.

Use ’em.


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