Oh wow!


There are times in this walk of discipleship that are stunning. Jesus does something that only he could do, and it leaves us saying, “Oh wow!”

He says the word and the storm is calmed.  “Oh wow!”

I remember 15 odd years ago, as a teenager, one of the first times one of my peers saw a healing by laying his hands on a guys knee.  It was another teenager who had a cruciate ligament injury from rugby.  The report came back that he’d been healed.  “I suspected you might be able to do this Jesus, but through one of my mates… Really?! Oh wow! This changes things.”

This last Sunday a guy stood at the front of our church and was three from three with quite specific words of knowledge about  medical conditions. “Oh wow! You do care, and you do speak!”

The Kingdom of God has come near… close enough to grab maybe.

Expect Jesus to do things.

Oh wow.


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