Oh no!


Disciples aren’t immune from disaster.

Whether it’s Joseph languishing in an Egyptian jail through his twenties, or Mary running away as teenage refugee with a baby to look after, or the apostle Paul despairing of life itself in Asia… the scriptures are clear and honest – it’s through many trials that we enter the Kingdom of God.

Church history adds its testimony – whether it’s William Carey losing years of translation work in a fire, or the disciples being martyred for their faith, through the countless missionaries who’ve buried spouses and children on the mission field.

On into your own life, where you’ve all too painfully found that though you may be following Jesus’ instruction, and know that he’s with you on the boat… the storms rage that little bit more bitterly than Christian media tends to portray.

Disciple, disaster may well strike…

but it’s never the end of the story.


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