Lift a Finger

Most people know what they need to do.

Whether it’s losing weight, reading the bible, gossiping less, being more generous, sharing their faith, praying more…

It’s not information that we lack – we’re drowning in an ocean of that.

Encouragement helps, for sure.

But is there a way, leader, that you can actually jump in and help?  Actually lift a finger somehow to spread the load?

“Hey, we’re going for a run, want to come?”

“I’m reading James, a chapter a day this week – let’s exchange text messages about it.”

“Shall we have a code word that we use – any time we’re part of a group conversation that’s going off track we’ll try and use it, and prod each other to steer it round.”

“I’m doing a fundraiser for this great charity – can you help me out with it?”

“We’re having a party – anyone you’d want to bring?”

“I heard this great talk about prayer – I’ll send you the link.”

Sure, it’s still down to them…  but easing the burden beats berating the already discouraged doesn’t it?


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