At that which you might be gifted in – practice.

Whether music or art, leadership or giving, prayer or administration or whatever it is… build into your life a regular and public production of this gift.

Not ‘public’ as in “hype-up-the-hoopla”, but as in, actually do something that gets out of your head, out of your bedroom, and seeks to impact real people.  Then repeat.

Learn, practice, get better, take two steps forward, be frustrated at the one back, seek advice when you get stuck, admire your heroes but don’t get discouraged at the gap, and keep going.

If it’s in your head, it’s dead.  You gotta go do.

Something has been deposited in you.  Pour it out regularly for the benefit of others. Resist the natural inclination to bury it. Get better at it over time.  And just keep banging away with all your might.


Well done P & H – one more step.


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