What does it actually look like?

This killing sin thing?  In 2017?

I asked a few friends… here’s some chopping-off-your-hand-esque drastic action that some have taken in an attacking effort to remove darkness from their lives:

  • The person who deleted their facebook account, not mainly because it was a timesuck, or there was relational conflict, but because it was causing envy to rise in her as she scrolled through. Chop.
  • The guy who’s gone teetotal because he knows he’s prone to drunkenness. Hack.
  • The several who won’t spend time in a private place alone with a person of the opposite sex, because they worry they’re prone to adulterous thoughts. Saw.
  • The couple who draw a line at 15 movies.  Crunch.
  • The woman who’s committed to give away the same amount as she’s tempted to spend on unnecessary purchases.  Again and again. Oooff.
  • The fella who won’t buy a house in part because he’s worried his heart would begin to make its home here.  Ouch.
  • The guy who has given both permission and password to his friends to have a little root around his phone any time they fancy. Bosh.

Silly?  Over the top?

Perhaps these would be for you.  As would literally chopping off your hand be.

But you’re taking some extreme action in the pursuit of purity aren’t you?

Or are you another one who came out of the womb just fine?

Kill or be killed.


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