It’s your choice

There’s a characteristic of Jesus I struggle with.  I respect it, to the point of awe – but it makes a part of me wince.

He lets people walk away.

I’d have preferred him to chase after the rich young ruler… restate the case, try the art of persuasion, plead with the bloke – ‘don’t you understand what you’re missing?!?’.

I wished he’d hung in Nazareth for a bit longer, sharing some more stories, drumming up their faith.

Couldn’t he have toned it down a touch in John 6, and carried a bigger portion of the crowd with Him?

I wonder if it would have been more loving of the Father in the story of the prodigal son to have left the window, and headed off to the foreign land in pursuit .

But I trust that Jesus is cleverer and a lot more loving than I am.

The invitation is scandalously wide.

But 100% you have the power to decline.

The door will remain open to you.  The patience is at least 2,000 years long.

But heaven won’t chase after you if you choose another path.

The King marches on. And one day the door will shut.

Just because I don’t like this, doesn’t mean it’s not true.


Matthew 25



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