Same or Worse

Every single early recipient of what’s come to be known as ‘The Christmas Story’ found their circumstances either unaltered, or significantly worse, than they were before they heard the ‘good news of great joy’.

Joseph and Mary went from being unwed teenagers daydreaming about their future together, to parenting a child as refugees.

Those shepherds went back to their sheep.

The wise men found they were now altering travel plans to avoid further encounters with a despot.

Simeon and Anna were still old, still ached, and probably died within a few years.

So, this good news can’t be, “all your problems are immediately solved” can it?

More, “there’s a person called Jesus who’s now in the picture.  He’s centre stage actually.  Fulfilling God’s promises, revealing hearts, lighting up the nations.  He’s bringing a Kingdom that’s breaking in, and it’s just about close enough to grab… one day, it will fill all things.”

I have few guarantees for your short term circumstances.  If you decide to follow Jesus they may well get worse.

But this Jesus, he is changing everything… and his story (the Big story), is crashing in to your story today.


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