Do it

Part of the walk of discipleship is occasionally doing stuff we don’t particularly feel up for doing.

It’s walking on those dusty non-roads, with the same annoying people, when you felt like we should have stayed put at the last town.

It’s opening the word again in the seasons when it’s dry.

It’s giving something away when you already feel squeezed.

It’s praying for our enemies.

It’s moving those chairs, knowing they’ll only need moving again next week.

It’s being patient with that child.

It would be remiss to characterise the Christian life as begrudging service, if that’s how it is 24/7 then something’s gone awry, but equally we need to be honest that at times this taking hold of that for which we’ve been taken hold of thing seems a bit slippery, stressful and often ‘unsuccessful’.  We’ve not yet been removed from life under the sun.

So sleeves rolled up, let’s press on today.  All the while praying, “Lord, give me your heart.”  Where else would we go?


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