The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

There are large aspects to this walk of discipleship that would accurately be described as “work”.

You wake up a bit earlier than you would naturally. You get in gear when you don’t particularly feel like it. You embrace the hassle of travel. You sweat a little bit at tasks that aren’t immediately titillating. You plan, strategise and hopefully get better over time. You accept authority (which means doing stuff that you might not have chosen to do because somebody you think is actually less clever than you has asked you to do it). You have the odd day, or several, where you think,’is this making the blindest bit of difference?’  You wrestle occasionally with the thought that the grass might actually be greener on the other side.  You collaborate with people you mightn’t naturally want to be drinking buddies with. It’s more obscure than your pride is comfortable with.  It’s draining.  Now and then, it’s cold discipline that keeps you going.

I asked the most anointed person I had access to what a typical day looked like for them…

“Rebooking mis booked flight tickets and working out how to get money from one country to another without getting ripped off or being illegal.” Came the reply. No trip to the third heaven then?

The pie chart in this life will have a fairly big portion marked simply “Grind.”

Today disciple, no turning back.  The harvest really is plentiful, and if it feels like work, then just maybe you’re doing it right.


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