Prayer & Process

Two ways (of many) the Lord will use to make you and those around you new.

Prayer.  As in people of faith, putting their hand on you and praying, “Holy Spirit please come”.  This works.  You can learn to do this for others.  I’m in a community at the moment where we frequently see real shifts happen in real situations in real people’s lives as we push day in, day out on ‘prayer ministry’.  Significant, often instantaneous changes, as we embrace the reality that the Kingdom of God is close enough to grab, and that the Holy Spirit loves to get involved in brokenness.

Process.  As in forming friendships with a small group of people that develop over time. Sharing times when you have fun and laugh at yourself. Where you trust people and begin to open up.  Where you stand with people in their difficulties and so get over yourself a little bit.  Keeping it a touch salty as your character flaws produce a bit of friction occasionally. Opening up the Bible and keeping each other honest with it.  Over months and years and a multitude of meals.  There’s such healing in this.

Prayer ministry and fun healing friendships have kept me afloat in the storm, and pushed me forward in the party. I commend them to you. It’s just Christianity ain’t it?


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