You Choose Your Leaders

We have huge responsibility in terms of who we allow to lead us.

You think through the lives and leadership of those who brought you to faith.  You’re thankful, they spoke the word of God to you after all.  But you’re also truthful -they did have some flaws.  So you make the call – what was from faith, and what wasn’t, and you make your own choices going forward.

You have a responsibility to call some of the stuff out that you’re hearing as ‘strange’. You don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  You keep Christ central, and you make the calls accordingly.

Each of us will give an account for what we’ve done in this body, with this life.  Poor leadership might provide some mitigating circumstances, but none of us will be able to pass the buck entirely.

For better or worse, we are the leaders of our own lives.

Disciple, the days are short, check the fruit, then choose the tree, and don’t be afraid to discard the odd bit of fruit that’s gone a bit off – even good trees throw those up occasionally.

Make sure it’s grace that you’re getting your strength from today.

Hebrews 13:



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