Grubby Orange

In this age, we live grubby orange lives.  There’s the gold of the coming Kingdom to be sure – healings, salvations, miracles, restorations, moments where the Lord draws near.  But we’re not free from the deep dark red either – the excruciatingly hard days, the bereavements, the losses, the confusion.  And for many of our days these two colours are inextricably interwoven – the blessings and the battles are bang in and amongst each other. So it’s a grubby orange life – this path of discipleship.

Take almost any gospel passage you like, and you’ll be able to use the two highlighters liberally.  Mark 1:39-45 below – the desperation, indignation, dire warnings, disobedience and desert paths, right in and around the healing, the heroism, and the heralding that all is being made new.  It’s all mixed in.


So, beware of those promising all gold in this life, and be equally scoffing towards those who say there’s no gold to be had.  The Kingdom of God is at hand, the suffering servant is about – doing bits, and showing Himself to be a Saviour full of splendour. Walk on disciple, walk on.


H/T TT – one of the best talks I’ve heard (06.11.16)


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