For the disciples, following Jesus was, at times, an incredibly frustrating experience.

It was all kicking off at Simon’s mother-in-law’s house and Jesus decides to go missing.  You get the gang together and you search for him all night.  You bring him a request that seems bang in line with this ‘fishing men’ stuff he recruited you to do.  “Everybody’s looking for you!!” You blurt out when you find him, eager to see how he’ll continue to move amongst your friends and family.

His response?

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Somewhere else, are you serious? When it’s all just begun to happen here?  Go to a place we don’t even like? Amongst a people we don’t even know? Through all the hassle of travel? Why don’t we just stay here?

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Disciple, you’ll occasionally find Jesus’ unflinching commitment to mission, and his seeming lack of concern for your pressing projects, absolutely infuriating.

But thank goodness Simon and the gang didn’t check out at that point, only reconvening over the years at the Galilee Arms to talk coulda, shoulda, woulda.  They followed, through their frustration, and even in their own lifetime went on to see an unreal amount of fruit.

Follow the call disciple: let’s go, let’s go.


Mark 1:35-39


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