How to handle to the thorny problem

of ministry success?

The crowds clamouring, healings hyped, events crammed that life in the Kingdom sometimes brings our way.  This heart level test has perhaps been the downfall of more people than the suffering and hardship one.  Jesus faced it early on in his ministry, and his strategy was two-fold:

a) solitude.  Get away from everyone.  Get silent.  Get before the Lord.  Respond to the invitation of the Father to ‘come away with me for a while’  Ensure you actually have a real and deepening relationship with the Lord.  The time to double down on the spiritual disciplines of abstinence is when you feel like you don’t need to.

b) spreading.  “Everybody’s looking for you!” “Let’s go to the other places, reach some different people, that’s why I’ve come”  Jesus is so unconcerned with milking the ministry mountaintops.  He’s on to the next town.  Embracing the hassle of travel, pulling along the reluctant diciples, and onwards in order to spread the message of the Kingdom.

When it’s gold and glory, get alone and then go out.

Setting up permanent camp around ministry successes doesn’t have a good track record.


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