Limping and Loving

We call people to have realistic expectations of what life under the sun will look like. Yes, the Kingdom of God has drawn near -so wonderful things happen, people meet Jesus, relationships are formed, some are healed, we see blessings. And the Kingdom is not yet here fully – so some terrible things happen, people walk away from Jesus, relationships break, some are not healed, we lose some battles.

We share in people’s sorrow when they are experiencing more of the second half of that paragraph.  No funny, ‘where’s ya faith?’ look.  We are stung, but not surprised when it is our experience.

And we continue to call people to walk forward in love.  The Christian life is not one long wound licking session.  It’s holding the hand of Jesus, at times broken hearted, at times so joyful we could burst, and continuing to listen to what his says, and so be a blessing to those around us, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

Sinful and broken, scarred and embattled, saved and blessed.  In this life, all at once.


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