Walking in love

through rejection.

This is the way of the disciple.

He recruits you to this mission of making disciples of all nations.  The modus operandi for this is invitation rather than coercion.

So, you’ll issue a staggering amount of invitations.  And because they are genuine invitations, people really are free to decline, and an eye-watering percentage of invitees will do so.  And because you’ve genuinely issued the invitations, this will genuinely make you wince.

Yet, this is a key part of our training.  We’re not paralysed by this, nor should we resort to any power plays that are left available to us.  It sounds strange to our ears, we don’t easily see how they fit together, but the way of the Kingdom is to shake the dust off our feet, and to walk on in love.  Is there a more loving way?

It’s probably perfectly natural to begin as the church worker who throws our version of a hissy-fit when the attendance is lower than expected at ‘my’ event, and as we walk forward we learn and learn again – it’s not about me, I’m here to serve the people actually in front of me, the Kingdom starts small, and takes longer than expected to dominate the garden, oh and that Jesus is the show stealer.

Don’t shrink back.


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