Perhaps the book written first, it wrestles with the question, ‘why am I suffering?’

It sheds light on the spiritual backdrop that we operate in front of, though that raises as many questions as it does answers.

Pastorally, it demonstrates that the best way to respond to your friend’s suffering is to show up… Then shut up.

There are ‘reasons’ we’re suffering – but it’s impossible for us to apportion these properly in this life, and even if we could, it wouldn’t provide the salve we seek.

The ‘answer’ is an encounter. There is the Lord, his might is not diminished, his love will not relent. When our eyes see Him, our souls will be satisfied even as we carry the story of our suffering.

Making sense of it is overrated, if our Saviour’s in the midst of it. This is not a new path.

Praying today for eyes to see.


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