Some Doubted

“When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.”  Matthew 28:17

I wonder if they debated long and hard about leaving that sentence in.

‘A few hundred rabbis might read this scroll!! Should we really let them know that when we were in the very presence of the risen Jesus we still had our doubts?!  Won’t this undermine the movement?!  Won’t this rock the new disciple’s budding faith?  Surely we should want to portray rock solid certainty in the King’s historical bodily resurrection!?’

Thank goodness the PR department didn’t win the day on that one.

Billions have since read the passage. In doing so they’ve had their, ‘if only I was there’ excuse knocked on the head and many have found much solace in the fact that people who encounter the risen Jesus still have their doubts.  And, bang in the middle of those said doubts, they can still draw near, sing their hearts out, and then go on to change the world.

Disciples walk forward with their doubts.


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