Double Down

Crunch points come in your life.

Forks in the road open up. You’ve got every reason to walk away from the Lord, and take the wide path.  Life’s excruciating, and you’ve got every excuse to quietly back off the Kingdom of God stuff.  That might be displayed by crossing some ethical lines you wouldn’t have crossed before, or it may be discrete, and discernible only to you at the level of your heart.  Either way, in your gut you know it’s a leaving of the narrow path.

Or maybe, just maybe, in the moment the crowds have abandoned him, and he’s looking at you square in the eye saying, “what about you, are you going to leave as well?” From somewhere a clarity comes, and you find yourself saying, out loud, and at the heart level, “Really, where else is there to go?  I absolutely don’t understand this shit we’re going through, but only You have the words of eternal life.”

It will feel like clinging on with your finger nails, but what you’re actually doing is doubling down on Jesus.

I bet Peter and the boys were glad the story didn’t end for them at John 6.  I pray it may be so with us.


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