How to be a Pillar

Show Up – at that which you want to be a pillar for, be there.  It’s that old Woody Allen line about ‘90% of success is showing up’.  You’re there, week in week out, over the long haul.  You’re correctly counted on.

Stand Straight – Have integrity.  Hold your head up high.  Avoid unnecessary drama.  Don’t stoop low.  Embrace and embody that old fashioned value of ‘uprightness’.  Have a back bone!

Take Some Weight– don’t complain.  Do your part. Lift your load, and help others who are struggling with theirs.  Serve by shifting some weight, and repeat.

I’m in a sweet spot at the moment – seeing a church explode with goodness and growth.  I’ve got eyes to see now though – it’s being built on some pillars.  Tried and tested women and men who are there, joyfully putting a shift in, day in, day out.  May I be one!



“Would our sons in their youth be like well nurtured plants, and our daughters carved pillars, adorning a palace.”  Psalm 144:12


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