One Secret to Small Group Health

Be more than okay with only 3 or 4 people showing up and operate fruitfully in that context.

Small groups ebb and flow.  There are times when the living room’s crammed, you’re chatting through splitting the group into two, and it just feels like the wind is at your back.  There are mistakes you can make in those seasons, but generally they take care of themselves.

There are also always a chunk of evenings when life just dictates that a bunch of people can’t make it (usually the people you really wanted there!)

This is such a Kingdom opportunity, and this recipe still works especially well:

  • Have a meal together.
  • Open the Bible – tackle it anyway you want but two fall back questions you can use are “what is this saying about Jesus / God?  What relevance do you think it has to our lives?”
  • Give some time to prayer (and yes, you may be the only person that prays).

Fancy Dan it if you want, but the above has been bringing life to God’s people for centuries in countless different contexts.

There are exceptions, but when the invitees are dropping like flies the losing move is to fudge it, and say, “hey, let’s just hold it over till next time.”

The winning move: hand kept on plough, wry smile, and begin pondering, ‘what’s Jesus going to do tonight then?”


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