This stuff’s real

That which we do online matters.

Occasionally when the readership’s low, and the response is lethargic, I begin to wonder, “am I just playing wordgames here?”

But the trickle bears too much testimony…

“A friend of mine is finding faith again through listening to a podcast…”

“A secret of my heart was revealed by that blogpost – I am that person…”

My wattsapp group brings me words of life day in, day out…

“I found the church that changed my life through typing into google – ‘my town’ + church…”

No one would dream of saying the enemy’s online activities, revenge porn and twitter trolling et al, are somehow not impacting the ‘real world’, so how much less should we say that about the online ministry of the Lord of life?

Real goodness and genuine mercy can be left in your wake today as you have your daily surf.  Pray to the Lord of the harvest, to send workers into this field.  And whatever you do, online or off, do it in the name of Christ Jesus, giving glory to God the Father today.


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