It begins with, “Come and See”

Pitch up, have a gander, check out what we’re doing, see what you think. No pressure, no requirements, no dress code, just watch.  Eyes.

It moves on to, “if you’ve got ears, have a listen”.  We’ve got some stories, we’ve got some truths, give us some time and attention and consider what we’re saying.  Ears.

Then, you might want to get involved.  Travel with us, shift some chairs, pick up the left overs. Be part of the team and sweat a little with us.  Hands.

As you hang out with the team the conversations flow and crunch points come. You’re wrestling with ideas, and we’re occasionally querying, ‘haven’t you read?’ If you’re going to stick with this you’re going to have to lay down some cherished opinions, and pick up some new paradigms.  Mind.

Then, if you’re onboard, you know this is too good to be kept to yourself. Your wallet empties as your soul gets filled.  You’re beginning to say what you see, and tell others, ‘come and check this out’.  Mouth.

Till it’s all wrapped up in this pursuit of knowing Him and making Him known.  This process, from consumer to producer, from audience to apostle, from eavesdropping to evangelising – it’s always at work on the heart.

Come on, let’s follow him, he’ll make us fishers of men.


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