I nearly missed the wedding

Was going to a friend’s wedding service last Saturday. 2pm service. Running slightly light, took an Uber, “Shirley Baptist Church please”.  On course for 1:40pm – plenty of time.  Pitched up at the church, rubbish strewn over the lawn, “that’s strange”, peered through the window, Tots & Toys group going on.  Rechecked the invite message, “2pm Shirley Methodist Church”.  “Uh oh, how far away am I?”

We’re going about our busy little lives.  We’re pretty sure we’re on the right track.  It’s a little messy, but there’s some nice church activities for the kids.  Except we’ve got an invitation to what’s really going on; a wedding banquet, a stunning bride, a love struck groom, feasting and dancing.  There’s time to consider our next steps, but it’s decision, not dawdling, time.  The wedding will start soon, with us or without us.

Repentance is the act of mustering up that bit of humility to say, “I’m in the wrong place here”, recheck the invite, change direction, and align with what’s really going on.  To sneak in a few minutes before the bride pitches up and participate in the bigger story.

Now’s the moment.  A relationship with the Shepherd-King is within grabbing distance.  Repent, and align with what’s really going on.  Mark 1:14-15


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