The “This Week’s Better Than Last Week” Train

Is very tempting for the disciple to board.

Over the post church coffee chat, the small group prayer request share, or perhaps particularly the missionary’s newsletter, we are motivated to encourage others with our own good news, spur each other on with our own victory story, and make people feel like their prayers are being answered – by telling them they have.

The problem with this train, is that once boarded, it becomes increasingly more difficult and awkward to step off.  It oftens goes through stations like, “selective with the truth”, “economic with the truth”, “exaggeration”, “downright misleading”, and can terminate at “outright deception”.  The journey often sadly ends with a train wreck.


When it’s all hitting the fan, or even when it just feels kinda the same as the last time we shared, shoot for searing honesty.  People are encouraged by our openness, the best victories are in the valleys, and your answered prayer is yet to come.

Disciple, when in doubt, board the slightly more lengthily named, “I’m going to shoot straight with you, and therefore share together our defeats and detours as well as our delights” Train.  The tracks are routed round pleasant places, and no high speed train jump exits are required




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