The Parable of the Farmers

Two neighbouring farmers, and each to their own.

One upright in every way.  Up on time, devotionals done, healthy breakfast.  Kisses the children goodbye, and works very hard.  But never sows his seed.  Loves his wife, loves his mum.  Polite to a fault, the nicest guy in town.  Stays out of trouble, and early to bed.  Correct theology. But he hasn’t sown his seed.

The other, a complete bastard in almost every way.  Out drinking all night, before crashing all day.  But through the hangover haze, he stumbles outside and recklessly flings his seed over the ground.  Comes back in, kicks the cat, just before cursing the missus.  Crooked theology, messier kitchen.  But he’s sown some seed.

Which farmer reaps a harvest?


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