The Mark 1 Masterpiece

Mark 1:1-15 – the prelude to the prelude.

It’s an historical account…

and also a work of art.

Like an epic opening scene in a classic film, or a deceptively simple masterpiece hung in the National Gallery. Alluding to its grand themes, alluring its readers.  Perfectly crafted, sublimely succinct, it outlines the big picture and dazzles with the details.

Skim it in 30 seconds, but dig for treasure and you’ll be here for 30 years.

Take a ‘throwaway’ prop, like the wild animals in the wilderness (verse 13). Let it lead you back to the two ‘wild animal’ references in Hosea 2, and marvel at this magnificent motif, masterfully maneuvered by Mark. This detail sings to those with ears to hear – Jesus comes as a bridegroom to restore all things.

Mark 1:1-15 might look like a puddle to you, but dive in, and you’ll find yourself in a deep sea of refreshment.

Disciple, dive deep from time to time.



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